Christmas Lights

At this time of year I see such pretty lights and decorations all around and I feel like I want to add some sparkle to my home!
Would this be considered avoda zara (involvement with another religion)?
What are your thoughts?

Chanukah and Christmas

As a mother, every year I am challenged by the proximity of Chanukah to Christmas. How can we possible compete, lighting our candles, with their stunning display of colorful lights filling the malls, decorating their houses and their trees? What do I say when the kids ask me if Chanukah is the Jewish Christmas?

A “Jewish Christmas” Deep Dive

I get really disturbed to hear from some friends at school that they keep Chanukah as a way to have a Jewish Christmas. Some of them think that’s the only reason there is a Chanukah, that the Jews wanted to have a holiday that coincides with Christmas. Could you please help me explain to them why they’re wrong?