DATA of Richardson

DATA of Richardson, which began in a home with a converted garage, now houses a beautiful sanctuary.  Although the community is growing, everyone in it still feels like they are part of a tight knit family.  Even those, who don’t live in Richardson are always welcome. The branch offers opportunities to Jews from all over to join in the fun, and even has bedrooms for visitors to stay for Shabbos and holidays.

What's Happening at DATA of Richardson

Shabbat Services

DOR L'DOR offers prayer services on Friday evenings and Shabbat mornings, followed by a delicious kiddush.

One on One Learning

Contact us today to get paired with one of our rabbis for some individual learning on a topic of your choice.

Partners in Torah

DOR L'DOR offers weekly group learning for men and women.

Lunch & Learn

Take a break from the daily grind to learn with Rabbi Avi.

Shabbat Meals

Contact us today to join for a delicious Shabbat dinner or lunch with one of the DATA of Richardson families. 

Children's Programs

DOR L'DOR offers Sunday school once a month, as well as many other children's learning programs.

Meet Our Leaders

Rabbi Honigsfeld

Rabbi Avi Honigsfeld

Director of Operations

Rebbetzin Ariella Headshot

Mrs. Ariella Honigsfeld

Women's Educator

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