DATA of Plano

DATA of Plano, formed in 2003, is an inclusive shul (synagogue), community and Jewish engagement center. The DOP leaders, Rabbi Zakon, Rabbi Nissel, and Rabbi Robkin designed DOP with a relaxed culture and warm community, welcoming Jews of all backgrounds. DATA of Plano serves as your ideal hub for Jewish prayer, learning, and personalized growth in Plano, TX.

What's Happening at DATA of Plano

Shabbat Meals

Contact us to join one of  our families for a Shabbat Lunch or Dinner.

Partner's in Torah

Join us to get paired with a learning partner and learn at your own pace.

Shabbat Services

Join us in DOP for Shabbat services.

Women's Programs

DOP Rebbetzins offer classes geared towards women in Judaism.

Children's Programs

Rabbi Nissel offers classes and activities for children year round.

Morning Kollel

Join the men of DOP early in the morning for advanced learning and start your day off with Torah!

Meet Our Rabbis

Rabbi Nasanya Zakon


Rabbi Eli Nissel

Director of Operations

Rabbi Yogi Robkin

Senior Educator

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