The Dallas Community Kollel is the epicenter of high-level learning in the DFW area.  A Kollel is a place where Rabbis take part in post-graduate, advanced learning and develop into greater Torah scholars. From this foundation, the Kollel mission is further accomplished as the Kollel Rabbis and their families learn with others throughout the community, inspire others, and serve as exemplary role models of what a true Torah Jew is.

What's Happening at the Dallas Kollel

Advanced Learning

Our Kollel Rabbis are commited to full-time Torah learning.  If you have a strong foundation in Torah based learning and are looking for more, contact us today!

Partners in Torah

If you are looking to gain a general foundation for your Torah learning, the Kollel can pair you with the perfect partner to help in your spiritual growth.

Daf Hashavua

Interested in learning Gemara?  Join with other Jewish men in Dallas and learn at a pace fast enough to make amazing progress but slow enough to retain and understand.

Eishes Chayil

Our Kollel Rebbetzins are committed to the growth of Jewish women through the Dallas area.  Contact us today to join in one of our learning and social programs today!


Join us to celebrate as our Kollel Rabbis and partners in Torah celebrate completion milestones in their learning!

Jewish Business Ethics

Ensure that you are bringing Torah values into your daily work life.  Contact us today to meet with one of our rabbis to learn the values of business halacha.

Davening Times

Weekday Schedule


Sunday: 8:15 AM

Monday-Friday:  8:00 AM

Mincha: 5:00 PM

Maariv: 9:00 PM

Meet Our Rabbis

Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried

Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Tzvi Rosenshein

Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Zecharia Greenfield

Kollel Rabbi

Rabbi Shmuel Lazarous

Kollel Rabbi

Rabbi Eli Perlman

Kollel Rabbi

Rabbi Rephael Tessler

Kollel Rabbi

Rabbi Shmuel Becher

Kollel Rabbi

Rabbi Ephraim Rauch

Kollel Rabbi

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