Kosher: Meat and Milk

I have always had trouble understanding the prohibition of consuming meat together with milk. I can understand if there are certain animals that their consumption has a negative effect on a person. But if an animal is kosher by itself, and the milk is kosher, why should they be forbidden if they’re together?

Kosher Facility

Could you please explain what does it take for a restaurant to be “kosher,” other than the obvious? Does the restaurant have to be “inspected” regularly? Is there a restaurant hechsher posted somewhere? Who certifies the restaurant’s bona fides? Does a Jew have to supervise or work there and, if so, does he (can the person be a “she”?) have to be in the kitchen, and what is this “official” person “required” to do? Does the restaurant have to employ any Jews? Does it have to be owned by a Jew? I am certain I have lots of questions I don’t have the time to think of…

Kosher: Kashering Dishes

All my life I’ve kept a strictly kosher home. This week, lo and behold, the girl who cleans my house washed the milk and meat silverware together. I’m not sure what to do. My dear mother, may she rest in peace, always said that when this happens you need to bury the silverware for a few days, then you can dig it up and use it. This always seemed strange and a little eerie to me, as if the silverware died or something; besides, it’s difficult for me at my age to do that. Is there another way to fix this?

Kosher Home

We’re getting married soon and are debating whether to have a kosher home or not. It’s a huge commitment, and we’re not so sure if we’re up to it at this point. On the other hand, there are definitely health and spiritual benefits to it, we’re just not sure if they outweigh the difficulties of the commitment involved. Maybe you can help us with our decision.


We have always kept kosher, to some degree. I am often challenged by friends who ask why do I need to choose this antiquated dietary system, when today there are many dietary systems, based on modern research, that are far healthier than kosher. Although kosher may have kept us healthier in the ancient world, why do we need to continue that today when there might, in fact, be even healthier systems? Could you please give me some food for thought to be able to answer them? (And myself!)