Love of G-d, Pt. 2

In your previous article, “Love of G-d,” you mentioned: “The more we give of ourselves to Him, the more we will feel connected & become as one.” Please expound on that idea – how do we give of ourselves to G-d?

Love of G-d

I have recently begun some Jewish study and ran into a question. In the Shema prayer it says you should love G-d. From all I’ve grown up with and understood about love, the kind of behavior called “love” doesn’t jive with G-d. I don’t see how my love for my girlfriend is what I should feel for G-d. I hope you understand my question.

Love at First Sight

I am 37 years old and have been looking for “Mr. Right” for a long time. Two weeks ago I met a man who feels it was love at first sight, and we want to get married. I’m torn about it, because I also feel like I’ve fallen in love with him, but it’s been such a short a time. Does that matter, and does Judaism have a way to tell if love is really love? He’s a nice Jewish man and I don’t want to lose him but also don’t want to do the wrong thing.

Life Decisions the Jewish Way

I’m wondering, what does the Torah say about how to make major decisions concerning such categories as: job, love, employment, major purchases, etc.? Is there an application from the Torah that can be applied to these and other situations in life?

Kosher Home

We’re getting married soon and are debating whether to have a kosher home or not. It’s a huge commitment, and we’re not so sure if we’re up to it at this point. On the other hand, there are definitely health and spiritual benefits to it, we’re just not sure if they outweigh the difficulties of the commitment involved. Maybe you can help us with our decision.