Diversity and Other Religions

Is it fair and right for God to let millions of innocent children get indoctrinated into false religions like Islam? Some of those children then believe they should become suicide bombers in the name of Allah. Why doesn’t God help prevent such tragedies by revealing himself more clearly to such people? I’m not asking the Jewish God to force people to believe in Him as their Father, just to give them clear evidence of it, similar to a DNA paternity test. One way he could do this, for example, is to line up all the stars to display the Shield of David, along with the 10 commandments for all to see.
Also, He could communicate with people directly through regular mail, voicemail or even email, if he cared to. But it looks like this only happens in the movies like “Bruce Almighty”. Since most people are of different religions, it seems as if God does not care to develop a personal relationship with most of the planet! Is that right?
Here’s another way of framing the same question: In monotheistic religions, God is regarded as the ultimate father figure. But what kind of father lets some of his children go their whole lives without ever learning His true name? Whether it’s Yah-weh, Christ, Allah or something else, God seems conspicuously silent.